Shipping Rate Information

    With all orders you have your choice of the shipping method.  
    Standard shipping for most orders is via FedEx Ground or UPS Ground
    Service directly to your home or office in the continental United States.  
    You may request a faster shipping method if desired.  

    In most instances, the items will be shipped directly from the manufacturer
    and the shipping charges are assessed by each manufacturer.  So if you
    order multiple items from different manufacturers, there will be shipping
    charges from each manufacturer.  

    Below we have provided an average of the shipping rates from our
    manufacturers.  If your shipping charges will be different than listed below,
    we will contact you before finalizing your order to confirm the desired
    shipping method and the exact shipping charges.

    The average shipping rates listed below may seem higher than in past
    years.  This increase is directly related to UPS increasing its rates and the
    high fuel prices recently.

             Note: Stickers and Labels are shipped USPS Priority Mail.  You may
              request a faster shipping method via UPS or Fed Ex if desired.


    Estimated FedEx Ground Shipping Cost  

    Merchandise Total          Estimated Shipping  

    $25.00 and under                   $8.25  
    $25.01 - $50.00                    $10.25  
    $50.01 - $100.00                  $12.25  
    $100.01 - $150.00                $16.50  
    $150.01 and over               15% of order  

    Average UPS Shipping Rates

    Order Total                    UPS          UPS          UPS        UPS Next Day
    Per Manufacturer       Ground      3 Day       2 Day

    Under $100                      $11.00       $17.00     $25.00        $40.00
    $101 - $250                     $17.00       $25.00     $35.00        $50.00
    Over  $250                      request actual shipping cost information